ASC Signal 3.5 Meter Ka-DBS-Band Earth Station Antenna



Used ASC Signal 3.5 Meter 4-port Ka-Band Earth Station antenna includes a 4 port circular polarized Ka-Band feed, part number 4CPKA-RB-35-1 operating frequencies are 24.75 – 25.25 GHz Transmit and 17.3 – 17.8 GHz DBS-Band Receive

It is about 6 years old, and good working condition.

The antenna uses a tracking sub reflector. It is not a full blown full motion tracking antenna. It does have a step track function, but the rate is TBD at this point. I do not think this is the proper antenna for LEO tracking.

Hello can you please provide more info on the 3.5m Ka Band antenna

  1. What antenna control system does it have
  2. ASC Signal NGC-IDU
  3. does it have SRT
  4. Sub-reflector Tracking? Yes
  5. Does it have AZ and EL motors
  6. Yes. ASC Signal SRT-2-35
  7. What is the frequency band supported by the feed and what is the axial ratio
  8. Rx 17.3-17.8 GHz, Tx 24.75-25.25 GHz
  9. 4 port, circularly polarized
  10. Axial ratio is 0.5dB per the spec sheet.
  11. Where is the antenna currently installed
  12. Antenna is currently in Canada


Additional information on the function of the Sub Reflector Tracking (SRT). The main reflector is only moveable with hand cranks for AZ and EL. With the sub-reflector at zero offset position, the main reflector is manually peaked to center of box. Step-track can then be initiated and the sub-reflector will provide pointing relative to the stationary main reflector. The movement of the sub-reflector to provide pointing is only +/-.48° for x and y axis. The system is designed for geostationary spacecraft with low inclination and not for LEO operations. Thus, step track rate is not really applicable with this system, However, the part number for the ASC Signal 3.5m antenna for a motorized Az/El kit is NGC-MK5 which the customer could purchase separately.

Attached is the original cost breakdown for the parts listed.

We are motivated to sell this antenna, so we’ll consider lowering the price for all the listed gear here to $39,000. The feed is a big driver in the cost associated here.  If the buyer does not need the RDBS frequency band receive, then we could do the remaining gear for $25k.

Very motivated to sell the complete package at a very low price of $39,000

Antenna 2 Axis Control System Hardware
Lightning Rod Kit
3.5M Reflector Heater-De-Ice
Reflector Mat Heater Control
Environmental System Controller
Rain and Snow Sensor
Ka-Band Feed Heater
Anti-Dew Feed Kit
Indoor Control Unit
Digital Tracking Receiver
Redundant Power Supply
4-Port Circular Polarized Ka-Band Feed
Non Pen Mount
Block Up Converter
CPI RF Switch Combiner
CPI T03KO 250W TWT Outdoor Power Amplifier

See additional equipment pricing below, paid $110,500 for all the gear the equipment parts list below reflects an additional 30% discount at $85,000, we only have one CPI 250 Watt Ka-Band Amplifiers for sale, click on link below

Copy of Ka system sale breakdown pricing



3.5m Ku-, K- and Ka-band Earth Station Antenna

broken down parts list and a total pricing