Actox KU-Band 0dB Driver



Our Actox KU-Band 0dB Driver is used when the amplifier is an SSPA or a TWTA that needs KU-Band input, but the controlling modem or modulator supplies L-band instead of KU-Band.

In effect our product is an upconverter, receiving L-band in the range of 950 to 1700 MHz and converting it to RF in the range of 13.75 to 14.5 GHz.

As an example, suppose that you have an L-Band modulator that produces 24VDC and 10 MHz reference, but you don’t own a KU-Band BUC, but instead you own an SSPA or a TWTA and neither of those devices speak L-Band, this is the case where you need an input of a KU-Band RF Signal.

The 0dB driver shown here is our minimal packaging product, but we have other variants that are housed within rack mount enclosures. Some modulators do not provide the 24VDC needed to power our 0dB driver, in those cases we supply a 24VDC power supply within the enclosure and an AC connector to provide power for the DC output.

The price for the complete rack mount package with power supply and 10 MHz reference is $1950.

I can hear some comments, “If you need a BUC, then buy a BUC, why fool around with a TWTA”

My answer is that once you creep up the power range, say 200 watts and above, used BUCs are almost impossible to find, but used TWTAs are plentiful and cheap – the only drawback is that the TWTAs are indoor rack mount products, and so for this solution to work efficiently they need to mounted close to the antenna.