AMC WR75 to Type N Adapter



AMC WR75 to Type N Adapter

AMC WR75 to Type N Adapter is intended to be used with low power amplifiers that output RF via a WR75 flange.

Rigid waveguide and flexible waveguide is expensive to purchase and to install. With short runs from an amplifier to the antenna feed coax cable can be used instead of waveguide.

  • 1.70 – 18.00 GHz Performance Frequency
  • 1.25 Typical Max VSWR (VSWR varies with design)
  • Male or Female Connectors available
  • Numerous Flange Configurations available
  • Aluminum (6061) or Copper (OFHC) Waveguide Material

To get from the WR75 Waveguide flange to a type N coax cable requires this adapter.