Applied Telecommunications 9.0M C-Band Video Uplink Station Manual



The c-band video uplink manual book describes the 9.0M Hub station system as a whole plus it provides brief summaries of the principle pieces of equipment in the station.

9 Meter Antenna, De-Ice, 3.35 kW C-Band Klystron HPA, Video Exciter, Video Receiver, Video and Audio Distribution Amplifier, Monitor and Control, UPS and GPS Master Clock

The physical layout of the station is shown in Figure 2.1-2. The 9.OM antenna is
mounted within approximately 20 feet of a shelter. Four (4) racks of equipment are
mounted inside the shelter. The four racks with all the electronics are shown in Figure
2.1-3. They consist of two (2) 3.35 Klystron High Power Amplifiers (HPA), one (1)
UPS with battery and one (1) small rack consisting of the dehydrator and 1 + 1 switch.
The four racks mounted inside the shelter are connected to the 9.0M antenna via an
Inter facility Link (IFL). The IFL is a cable tray which carries the Transmit and Receive