Comtech UT 4506 IF 70MHz, 6.675 TO 7025 GHz



COMTECH UT 4506, IF 70MHz, 6.675 TO 7025 GHz

COMTECH UT 4506, IF 70MHz, 6.675 TO 7025 GHz Up Converter is the
ultimate in high performance and cost effective C-Band frequency
conversion. The UT-4505/X can be used for SCPC, DAMA, and TDMA, as
well as full transponder HDTV and analog TV. Spectral purity
and stability characteristics fully meet or exceed the requirements
of all domestic, international, and regional commercial satellite

High Gain
The UT-4505/X has +17 dBm minimum output level at the 1 dB
compression point and 35 dB of gain as a standard. These standard
capabilities permits longer cable runs to the high power
amplifier or compensates for elaborate combining networks without
adding expensive options such as external line amplifiers.

Low Phase Noise
The phase noise performance of the UT-4505/X exceeds the Intelsat
phase noise mask for IBS and IDR services by more than 9 dB. This
allows phase dependent demodulators to perform better. The close-in
phase noise is very low, making the converter ideal for low bit rate
digital circuits such as those used in DAMA hub earth stations.

Daisy Chain Redundancy Switching
The converter uses our patented “Daisy Chain” integrated switching
technology. The Daisy Chain design removes the relays associated
with a centralized protection switch tray and distributes them
across the individual converters. Daisy Chain technology
successfully eliminates a central switching chassis, two power
supplies, a microprocessor, and several long, costly cables. Widely
accepted in the industry, CEFD’s Daisy Chain provides both pricing
and marketing advantages