ETM 125W Ka-Band Amplifiers with Controllers

$75,000.00 $7,500.00


Qty 5 Unused ETM 125W Ka-Band TWT Amplifiers with outdoor unit controllers



Was able to dig around a bit and pull the information I needed. These systems were originally built for Iridium. Don’t know what they were being used for.

Attached is the specification sheet of the system. The HPA is spec’d for a frequency range of 29.1 – 29.3 GHz, with a rated output power at the flange of 50.4 dBm & a minimum of 54 dB of gain.

HPA evaluation is $1,500. During the evaluation we will check the functionality of the HPA, check the power, check the health of the tube, and once completed, provide a repair estimate (if any failed parts etc.) or testing estimate.

Regression RF testing, we would test the Large/Small Signal gain (at Rated Power and 6 dB below rated power) verify RF stability over a 14 hour period, and check the for any abnormalities in the RF output. Regression testing typically doesn’t exceed $2,000. This includes any calibration requirements on the power supply for the HPA.

The Acceptance test procedure we verify the HPA specifications, and provide a RF test report at the completion. I’ve included an example of the Acceptance test report. Since this is a single band TWT, the RF acceptance test procedure is $4,000.00

All components, hardware, etc. can still be serviced, built, tested by ETM.