Gilat Skyedge II Pro Modems

$53,900.00 $48,000.00

120 in stock


We have qty of 120 used SkyEdge 11 Pro – Rack-Mounted units in stock tested and are for sale.
They are all manufactured between 2010 – 2016. All were in working operation as of January 2019. They will all be tested again before shipment. The boss wants to get closer to $400/modem (based on past experience selling used Gilat Skyedge II equipment).

X26 used Skyedge II Pro Modems w/ MESH Cards ($600 = $15,600)
X5 used Skyedge II Pro Modems ($500 = $2500)
X26 used Skyedge II Access Modems w/ MESH Cards ($500 = $13,000)
X58 used Skyedge II Access Modems ($350 = $20,300)
X6 used Skyedge II Extend Modems ($300 = $1800)

All used
50% are Skypro (newer model)
50% are the access modems
The 1st installed Dates are 2010
Newer 75% are in AC rack-mounted facilities
25% were in satcom vehicles
150, only had 1 failure in the last 8 years these are really robust modems.
Lot price $53,900 will take $45,000.



SkyEdge II layout

SkyEdge II_Hub Architecture