IDirect Series 15100 5IF Hub

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The IDirect Series 15100 5IF Hub per the technical support team has been running and has been fully tested and is in excellent working condition also has the latest software updates installed.

iDirect Series 15100 5IF Evolution Hub

The IDirect Series 15100 5IF Hub comes in the original crate, it does not normally come in a rack but we have a 25 U high mini rack that we can supply free if you client needs one , is he intending to rack mount it at the Teleport or can use this mini rack.

Highlights per IDirect

  • Series 15100 can house up to 20 Evolution® or iDirect Velocity™ line cards
  • 48-port Gigabit Ethernet LAN interface supports high carrier symbol rates
  • High level of redundancy with hub daisy chaining and geographic redundancy
  • Enables Host Network Operator (HNO) and Virtual Network Operator (VNO) configuration options
  • Interoperates with high performance Protocol Processors and NMS servers for smart IP routing and load balancing


The Series 15100 Universal Satellite Hub is a carrier-class 11U, 19” rack mountable chassis for Evolution or iDirect Velocity, supporting multiple networks on up to 20 line cards. Network Operators can start a single network with a couple line cards and cost effectively grow their networks as customer demand increases.


iDirect Spec-Sheet-Series-15100-5IF-Hub