Pascall 4007 Power Meter


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This is a used Pascall 4007 Power Meter – originally we took that single photograph of the front, but in an attempt to find out more about it I decided to photograph the back and see what the connections look like but the Pascall 4007 Power Meter is currently buried behind five 400W MCL TWTAs – so this task has been relegated to sometime later.

Searching the web we looked for documentation about the Pascall 4007 Power Meter but couldn’t find anything. Then with a stroke of genius, (and I say that modestly), I found a hard copy manual on our own shelves.

Here are some excerpts from the Manual.

The Pascall 4007 Power Meter is designed to measure RF Power in a specified bandwidth and at the centre (yes they are Brits) frequency within its overall input range. The instrument is intended for measuring the powers of C-Band carriers used in satellite communication systems.

The model 4007 is intended to be controlled by a computer via its RS232 interface. However, several functions may be operated using the keypad and displays on the front panel. Separate inputs are provided for measuring transmitted (6GHz) and received (4GHz) power.

The bottom line question is, “Does this power meter work?”

Until we dig it out from its rack behind the TWTAs, we won’t know.