Used CPI VZU-6964A 400W C-Band TWT Amplifier


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WE have a used CPI 400 Watt C-Band TWTA model number VZC-6964A is a wide band amplifier with a range of 5.85 to 6.65 GHz.

This 400W C-Band TWTA is in stock and our satellite rf engineer tested it and has performed extremely well, the pre-saturation output is 375 watts, which meets manufacture specs.

The hours are around 10,000 and Helix current is at a good levels, showing that even though it is working well now, the indications are that it will work very well for many years to come.

The full test results of the 400W C-Band TWTA can be seen in the downloads tab.

Filament 10,050 and beam 10,030 hours. That would be a little over a year constantly on.
Remember, the tubes can go to 100,000 hours if not abused.

Here is a short excerpt from the data sheet.


Provides 400 watts of power in a 3 rack unit package, digital ready, for wideband, single and
multi-carrier satellite service over any one of several frequency ranges in C-band. Ideal for
transportable and fixed earth station applications where space and prime power are at a premium.

cpi 6964a test -2 data