IRT Technologies L-Band to C-Band up and down Converter



IRT Technologies L-Band to C-Band up and down Converter

IRT Technologies
Intelligent Frequency Converter
L-Band to C-Band up and down Converter
P/N: IFC-L1C2000-RM00
S/N: IRT-11402002
MAC: 02:49:52:54:00:21

IRT L to C Band converter.

There are inside two converters L to C and two power supplies so it is actually a dual converter.

Here are some notes from the manufacture

The IRT Technologies intelligent frequency converters (IFC™) shape the next-generation satellite
transmission with its breakthrough leading edge technology, state of the art design, and unprecedented
reliability with 3 years warranty for this product line!
IRT Technologies IFC™ series may combine up to 4 embedded converters in a single 1RU shelf with
extensive monitor and control via front panel, serial ports EIA232/EIA485 and Ethernet.
IFC™ Series features Best in Class RF characteristic, Flexible reference with autosensing can lock to
external 5/10 MHz reference or utilize built-in high stability reference oscillator.

 Superior RF performance:
o Phase noise 8dB better than IESS308/309
o In Band Spurious below -60dBc
o Superior Gain flatness
 Available in all C-Band options – standard,
extended, Palapa and Insat;
 User Friendly front panel with menu driven display
 5 /10MHz external reference Autosense
 Up to four frequency converters in a single 1RU
chassis (1.75″ H x 19″ W x 19″ D)
 Full featured M&C Interface via serial EIA485, EIA232
and Ethernet HTTP based GUI and SNMP:
o 20dB Gain Control
o Input and output power detectors
o Automated level control (ALC) mode
 1:N Redundant ready
 RF and L-Band monitoring optional
 48VDC isolated power supply optional

IRT L to C-Band Up/ Down converter spec sheet