Vertex 50W KU-Band BUC



This is a Vertex 50W KU-Band BUC Model PKM14S040N. It has been
tested and is guaranteed to work perfectly. Currently it is on lease
to a client needing an immediate solution to their equipment

Contact us for availability.


This Vertex 50W KU-Band BUC a medium sized amplifier, with a
frequency range of 14 GHz to 14.5 GHz. The amplifier is an SSPA with
a BUC frequency converter built in. This combination if often called
an SSPB.

The BUC is designed to operate outside on the antenna, and has the
necessary environmental hardening. Because the BUC can be mounted
close to the antenna feed, long runs of expensive waveguide are not

The full Vertex model is PKM14S50A and has been tested to work well
across the entire frequency range.

• 40/50 W saturated output power
• 53 dB minimum gain
• Direct-reading RF power meter
• Microprocessor-based monitor and control
• Serial interface (RS232/422/485) standard
• Output isolator for high load VSWR protection
• 20 dB range digital gain adjustment
• RF output sample port


Vertex 50W KU-Band BUC Specifications
Parameter            Features/Notes                                     Measurement Range        Resolution
Gain Adjust                                                                         0  to 20 dB                              0.1 dB
Power Output    Can be offset ±6 dB in 0.1 steps for          40W: +16.0 to +48.0 dBm        0.1dB
calibration/loss compensation.             50W: +17.0 to +49.0 dBm     (top20dB)
Temperature                  Heatsink                                        -40.0 to +85.0 °C                    0.5 °C
Current                          Each stage                                      0 to 10.00 A                          40 mA
Total current                                   0 to 99.99 A                            40 mA
Voltage                                                                                  0 to 12.50 V                           50 mV
Reflected Power            Available on 1:1 systems only       40W: +16.0 to +48.0dBm       0.1 dB
(with System Option 3).               50W: +17.0 to +49.0 dBm    (top20dB)