ASC Signal 3.5M Ka/Ku-Band Earth Station Antenna

We have a GD Satcom 3.5M Ka-Band Antenna Systems for sale.
In addition to the antenna and it also lists the associated equipment if you are interested: TWTA’s, LNB’s and Antenna control unit, etc, etc.

ASC Signal 3.5m Ka/Ku band Earth Station Antenna
Part number T03KO
Outdoor rated
24.75 – 25.25 GHz
2 units
Hybrid phase combiner
Operational status needs to be verified

Misc. Gear
CPI 4-port Ka-band feed
Jersey Microwave DBUC-24252-2010-ODL
2x ASC Signal LNBs (17.3 – 17.8 GHz)
Specialty Microwave Waveguide
Non-penetrating antenna mount
ASC Signal ACU tracking receiver
ASC Signal antenna de-icer
ASC Signal environmental system controller

Cross Technologies LNB switching power supply
ASC Signal indoor control unit (model NGC-IDU)
ASC Signal outdoor interface (model NBC-ODU-SRT)
ASC Signal antenna control system hardware
ASC Signal anti-dew kit