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We have been buying and selling new and used satellite communication equipment for Twenty years.

Satcom Solutions, Inc originally began operation in the year 2000, and so July of this year will mark our twentieth anniversary. Originally we only intended to provide African customers with Satellite Internet and Telephony. At that time hardware and bandwidth suppliers were separate, leaving customers to work with two separate companies for the complete solution. We felt that we could do better!

Our clients come to us because they need Internet connections or reliable telephone service; some clients need both. When we understand the type of service, the speed and volume that they want, we sell them a package most often called a VSAT. The correct selection of this equipment and the purchase of bandwidth (space segment) depends upon the type of use that it will be put to and the location of their remote site.

Satellite Connection in Africa and South America.

Today we offer dedicated or shared service to Africa, North and South America. Solutions for vertical industries, such as Mining, Internet, Cyber Cafe’s and corporate clients.

LNB, BUC, SSPA, Frequency Converter, RF Redundancy, Test Loop Translator, 

Broadcast your message on TV

As more and more organizations seek a way to broadcast their message to their followers, clients or employees, we see an opportunity to offer professional level help with content creation through to content delivery. Although You-tube gives an outlet for archived footage, it’s not for real-time live broadcast. Also when you see the poor quality of many You-tube video’s you recognize that you need more than a $500 video camera or iPhone to get the job done.

Satcom Solutions has several partnership with Distributors and wholesalers that offer the latest technology that satellite providers need when it comes to new and used satellite equipment and huge discounted prices.

Satellite Modems, DVB Modulators, Video Encoders, Video Receivers, Beacon Receivers, HUB Systems
NJR 3W Ku-Band BUC, Comtech 100W Ku-Band LPOD BUC and CPI 700W Ku-Band TWTA

New & Used Satellite Equipment Sales – our core business

Our early goal was to be the one-stop shop that would configure, sell, install and then operate the circuit for the client. We never really intended to get into the used equipment business, but we fell into it, because our customers were often in trouble.

When we sold a new VSAT package we tried to persuade the client to buy redundancy, sometimes they did, most times they didn’t. So when their transceiver crashed, they found an eight week delivery cycle for a replacement, and a pile of money. It was the delay more than the cost that hurt the VSAT operator, if they were down for more than a week, all of their customers would move somewhere else.

More by luck than planning we had spare equipment at our teleport, half the price of new equipment and shipping the same week solved two major problems for our clients.

Fifteen years later, with three full time sales people, plus two highly qualified engineers in testing and repair we are still growing. Take a quick look at our inventory list page, it is always updated with new arrivals 

Andrew 1.8M VSAT Antenna, Vertex 4.8M Ku-Band Earth Station Antenna,  Used Andrew 9M Ku-Band Motorized Earth Station Antenna,  
Spectrum Analyzer, Splitter/Combiners, Power Supplies,
Satellite RF Enginner
Andrew 1.8M VSAT Antenna, Vertex 4.8M Ku-Band Earth Station Antenna and Used Andrew 9M Ku-Band Motorized Earth Station Antenna