Agilent E4401B Spectrum Analyzer



Agilent E4401B Spectrum Analyzer

We can offer several used Agilent E4401B Spectrum Analyzers, with their 1700 MHz upper frequency range they are perfect for L-Band and IF frequency monitoring.


All specifications apply over 0 °C to + 55 °C unless otherwise noted and are covered by the product warranty. The analyzer will meet its specifications when: it’s within the one year calibration cycle, AUTO ALIGN [ALL] is selected, stored a minimum 2 hours within the operating temperature range, turned on for at least 5 minutes, Align Now RF has been run once every 24 hour period.

Characteristics describe product performance that is useful in the application of th product, but is not covered by the product warranty.Typical performance is beyond specifications that 80% of the units exhibit 95% confidence level over 20 to 30 °C not including measurement uncertainty and is not covered by the product warranty.