The RADYNE SFC6400 C BAND UP CONVERTER 140 MHz Synthesized Frequency Up Converter was designed to provide performance that meets or exceeds industry standards. SFC6400A also provides ease of integration and operation.  SFC6400A offers the highest standard output power of any rack-mount up converter available. With an output P1 dB in excess of +15 dBm, the SFC6400A may eliminate the need for line amplifiers in your next installation. Installation of the SFC6400A into any existing earth station is easily accomplished due to the presence of independently adjustable input and output attenuators that provide total gain control of 50 dB.

This input attenuator optimizes the existing IF power applied to the converter to a level which guarantees optimal performance over 30 dB of input signal power. Output power is adjustable over 20 dB, which further guarantees that spurious performance is maintained independently of up converter gain.
Linearity of the converter is equally impressive. The SFC6400A boasts a two tone IMD products of -44 dBc for a combined output power of 5 dBm. Phase linearity is maintained through an internal group delay equalizer that limits parabolic plus linear group delay to less than three nanoseconds across the band. Thus, the SFC6400A is ideally suited for multiple carrier or DVB uplinks where linearity and group delay distortion becomes critical.


  • Low-Cost and High Performance in a 1.75” High Chassis
  •  Built-in 1:N Series Switching Option
  •  +27 dBm Output Intercept Drives 200 Extra Feet of Coaxial Cable
  •  50 dB of Gain Control at 0.1 dB Resolution
  •  Versatile Input and Output Attenuator Eases Integration
  •  -80 dBc Spurious Suited for Large Earth Stations
  •  125 kHz Frequency Resolution (optional 1 KHz)
  •  Low Phase Noise
  •  Low Group Delay Distortion for High Data Rates and DVB